To Blog or Not to Blog…

In the fast paced world of digital marketing, especially for a company busy developing strategy and content for small businesses it is easy to forget to practice what you preach. With social feeds to update, customer emails to craft and meetings to attend, on site content is easily put to one side, and we at Marketing Ammo are not alone.


Content is Queen, (and therefore much stronger than King), in the world of online, and information on your website will help people to find your website through organic SEO. Yet writing a blog article has benefits that span beyond helping your search rankings, positioning you as a thought leader and helping clarify your products and services to a new audience. Content might be Queen but the ace in your pack is relevant Context.

However your blog is only as good as the people that read it, and some of our recent clients have been busy writing a great blog post a day on their fantastic products and neglected their twitter and Facebook communications as a result.


A blog needs to be integrated into your overall digital strategy to really benefit your business – driving people from social media into your website and reaching new audiences and potential customers through unique content that Google and customers score highly relevant.


So if you are reading this blog then thank you, think about where you came from to get here and use that audience behaviour insight to decide your own blog strategy.

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