People not Pixels – Creating relationships and feelings is good business

Nobody knows everything, I know I have tried. In this time it is near impossible to keep fully abreast of every new platform and tool that comes out in the digital space. ¬†We have Adtech, Martech, Fintech and I have even heard recently of Proptech. It seems “Tech” is here to stay, and thats great with me. I love interrogating a platform, finding patterns, hitting KPI’s, creating segments, I even enjoy keyword research. All these things let me feed my inner geek, but I, and I feel everyone else, is guilty. Guilty of looking at segments, demographics and pools of pixels, and forgetting that behind every online action is a person.

Marketing for me is about those people – we can make assumptions about why they purchase, click, submit or join, but we will never know unless we ask them.

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